viewer beware, yr in for a scare


who is this?

hey there friendos i'm atlas willows, ur local 90s witch, nb lesbian & horror enthusiast. if u knew me in a past life let's catch up

what is this?

my lil slice of cyberspace for posting about witchcraft, dream diary entries, & cool stuff i make or come across on my travels!

what do u like?

witchcraft, astrology, crystals, tarot cards, dreaming, storms, cottages, oceans, forests, mountains, deserts, gas stations, neon signs, furbys, care bears, indie games, horror movies, skulls & bones, history, mythology, swords, women, summer lightning, motel rooms, empty streets, the moon, music, cats, clowns, dolls, castles, candles, mannequins, stickers, abandoned amusement parks, glowsticks & obscure media, 2 name a few things. :0)